Online Dating Maximizes My Chances of Getting True Love Faster

I saw my friends dating for fun, and they thought that they enjoyed it all. But, I can bet I enjoy a lot more by online dating through live chatting, than all those friends who date one-on-one in real. The most interesting part of online dating is that you can play lots of exciting games, and cool dating games that will give you great mental freshness, fun, excitement and adventure. Most good Japanese dating sites offer these dating games, and exciting features and tools for live chats.

I saw many of my friends dating a girl for a few months, and then suddenly something wrong, some incompatibility or misunderstanding broke the relation, and they went apart. As I think that time is precious, and I must utilize every minute, and yet try to prevent wastage of emotions for nothing. Thus I prefer Japanese dating sites with live chat facilities.

Utilizing time, money, and opportunity to the fullest

Many of the emotional problems and financial issues can be handled and prevented by dating online. I have been dating three girls nowadays online, and I am quite happy with the fact that I am spending my money reasonably, while making sure that I do not get over attached and suffer a heart break if one of them or all of them ditches or rejects me after some time. You may say that, what would be the difference between my other friends and me, if they are also rejected after months of dating, and I also suffer the same consequences.

Well, my answer to this would be that, I am at a much lower risk of getting rejected because I am not giving all my time to date one person, and am rather dating more girls at a time by spending lesser time in a day than that required for an outdoor date with one person.

If you even go to a coffee shop, then you will need to give in two to three hours for the occasion. But, if you are dating through a live chat using a cam, then you may end the date anytime with polite words. Thus it’s a great way to utilize time in an organized way while maximizing the possibility of getting a serious partner in the longer run, through multiple dating. Moreover, exciting dating games can be incorporated in the chat to make the experience even more thrilling.

Buffering my heart and emotions

A very strong reason, which inclines me more towards online dating and live chat for the occasion are safeguarding my emotions. I feel like I am buffering my heart from heartbreak, because though serious, yet I do not take things so seriously while dating online, so that it threatens my happiness if a relation ends. The end of a relation is deemed by me as another opportunity to make new connections, and I strongly detest the feeling of depression, that may hamper my professional as well as social life.
I date for fun, and want to accept it as a fun game which may bring into my life serious love for a better life.

Live Chat Gives Total Dating Pleasure without Bankrupting Me

I feel amused rather; when I see that some of friends are getting bankrupt on the name of dating. I am studying medical here in Japan for the last two years, and have been studying people and customs around me. I am actually from Arab, and since I got a chance to study a good medical program here in Japan, I came for five years. Since then I have made several friends here at the college campus, and see how dating and romance goes here at Japan.

How conventional dating goes in Japan

It’s an interesting thing to note that dating customs here are quite different, and people here meet in same sex groups first before starting the real dating. After a few group meetings, where groups of boys and groups of girls meets at public places and enjoys their time together, some couples may form in the groups.
They would still stick together in groups for the next few meetings, till the boy and girl feel fit to meet separately, and then the dating game starts within them. Though all these look quite flowery and romantic, yet I could never afford all that. Just think of the expenses, and you will know why I am saying that.

It’s always expensive

Meeting and partying in groups would require you to contribute some money. Then again dating separately will need more money if you go movie or shopping or dining whatever. Again, you will be expected to bring gifts, flowers and chocolates occasionally for your girlfriend and not meeting these expectations may bring down the romance meter. You would want to buy expensive clothes and accessories for styling too, and visits to salons would become more regular. Thus expenditure is always on the top of the list, and there is very less you can do about avoiding it.
But the way I took to dating is amazingly affordable, and crazily exciting.

Live chat through online dating is the best way

I chose online dating as I found that there are immense possibilities of getting a good natured girl as girlfriend through Japanese online dating sites, and the most interesting and best way is to engage in live chats. This way, both the persons can see each other while listening to their sound. Moreover, staying remote ensures safety and security at both ends, minimizes abuses and frauds, and also gives you great entertaining time while spending practically nothing but valuable time.

That too is also under you control, and you may choose to date often or after long pauses; for long hours, or for a short time.
Since I took to this route and confronted all of my dates through live chats, it became all the more exciting for me, and I could save the extra money which I couldn’t have saved on real dates.
Japanese online dating games are also great ways to stay happy and get entertained, and multiplayer games needing participation from more than one player are also great platforms to bring two people even more closer.

Live Chat Made Gaming Even More Fun

Live chatting had never been so exciting for me. I felt the rush of adrenaline and ultimate joy when we played games yesterday through our favorite Japanese live chat portal in the online dating site. The Japanese cam mainly made the experience unforgettable. Why I am so excited to share it is because, I know many of you who stay apart from your girlfriends or boyfriends and can’t see each other in person because of huge distance, can try this game that we did last afternoon to enjoy your date the fullest.

My love story and our first meeting

Ok, let me introduce myself first. I am Shakira from Indonesia, and I have been dating my guy Akio for the last six months. Akio is from Japan, and we met the first time, when he came to Indonesia for a family holiday. We met incidentally at a beach; where he was photographing his parents, and when saw me pass by, he asked me to take a family snap of them. His camera had a timer, but had no tripod. Thus he had to rely on a steady hand.

When I handed over the camera back to him, he started the conversation by asking about the nearby tourist attractions. It was then that some unseen chemistry happened between us. He was looking often at my eyes straight and deep in between the conversation. I felt uneasy and nervous for that. Yet I went on catching his glimpses, his hands and fingers as he explained some things with rapid hand movement and gestures.

Suddenly the conversation came to an end, when he was called by his brother to show something. Before parting away he smiled, and asked me my email or chat id. I also gave him a gleaming smile, and nervously told him my dating id at my Japanese dating portal.

It was the beginning of our affair. In 10 more days he went back to his country and then he pinged me. I felt that I had been longing for this one ping my whole life!

We depend fully on live chatting

It was the dating portal, the live chat features and my webcam that gave me life as I explored every topic on earth with him. He has a special insight into life, and taught me how fun is not in touching or meeting, but in the moments that we stay connected.

To prove that, he started planning games with me on webcam, and last afternoon we reached the height of enjoyment with our gaming session. The game was simple. He would tell me the name of any one thing that just comes to his mind, and after that he will count 30 seconds. Within that time, I will have to bring that object in front of him, that means the webcam, and if I can do so I will win the round.
Next I will name an object, and he will do the same. Definitely we will state names of things that will be available in and around the house, but will have to shed some sweat to collect that may be. That is the underlying fun in the game.
We played it a lot and every time both of us presented the other with new challenges till we got exhausted.
If you are dating your love from a faraway location and rely a lot on chats and cam, then you should also try this game and similar things. You will get pure healthy fun from it, plus a lot of exercise too. And now we are planning more of such games to make the coming days even more exciting, and are definitely planning to meet soon.